At Bronwyn, our passion is creating elevated footwear essentials, each designed with an enduring aesthetic that forms a foundation both for the wardrobe and for the women that wear them.

Established in New Zealand and named after creative director Sarah’s late mother, our shoes are inspired by Bronwyn and the many like minded women in our lives. Conscious and forward thinking women who lead multifaceted lives, with an appreciation for a minimalist aesthetic and an eye for detail.

From last to leather, our design ethos centres around thoughtful silhouettes and considered details, contemporary comfort and unwavering quality, designed to be worn for seasons to come. Each of our shoes are meticulously hand crafted and brought to life by our ethical partners in Brazil.

Bronwyn is a minimalist approach to wardrobe footwear, consciously curated for the modern woman.



Our belief is that a focused wardrobe with key items creates a 'less is more’ approach to wardrobe footwear, with the notion that fewer, truly is better. With an offering split into a Foundation Collection and Capsule Collections, we believe a shift away from seasonal, singular purpose items is key.


Available year round, the Foundation Collection is a beautifully designed offering of key, fashion-forward slow staples in timeless hues - the bare necessities of every woman’s wardrobe. 


Our capsule collection offers a selection of limited edition items, produced in lower numbers to avoid overproduction, with the aesthetic still remaining true to the brands DNA of refined, elevated design.


We believe in creating beautiful footwear that doesn’t have an expiry date, designing pieces that transition with you on your multifaceted journey through life, laying a considered yet elevated foundation for your wardrobe. Our wardrobe collections offering allows you the flexibility to build your own unique footwear wardrobe to suit your needs at a concessionary rate.

*subject to availability