Our debut campaign is a realisation of dreams. A reflection of seasons past, and the beginning of a new chapter. Celebrating the journey of finding oneself and being comfortable in a perpetual state of evolutionary growth. Each step forward is another layer peeled back, embracing the journey of becoming. 
We introduce the Bronwyn woman in our campaign. She is our muse. She lives a multifaceted life, quietly confident in the woman she has become. She has an eye for detail and an appreciation for a minimalist aesthetic. She's considered in her approach to the way she dresses, and appreciates pieces that transition with her, modern yet refined, luxuriously timeless.
Our pieces are designed to complement her journey. A focus on contemporary comfort and elevated details is at the heart of our design ethos. Centering our considerations around the wearer, a balanced approach to form and function is key. Each of our pieces are meticulously hand crafted by our ethical partners in Brazil, designed in New Zealand by women, for women.
We had the incredible honour to work with the below talented people for our debut campaign:
Photography: Holly Sarah Burgess
Film: Veronica Crockford Pound and Joe Griffen of Pictvre
Art Direction: Lara Taylor
Styling: Tau Subritszky 
Hair and Makeup: Natalie Dent
Talent: Rose Watson and Azini Davies of Unique Model Management
Sound Design: Spacebars
Special Thanks to our wonderful friends at Ruby NZ who allowed us the use of their incredible office space for our shoot.

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