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We are so fortunate for our Autumn Winter Collection Four release to be featured in the latest Apparel fashion feature.

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New Zealand designed and ethically-made footwear brand, Bronwyn, has released its "Collection Four" for Autumn/Winter 2023.

Bronwyn's Creative Director, Sarah Street, makes waves in New Zealand footwear design with her captivating exploration of proportion and balance. Featuring a sharp curation of wardrobe staples like winter boots and flats ideal for the upcoming cooler months, her minimalist designs are essential to every modern wardrobe.

"I believe we are seeing a focused shift into footwear that offers elevation but also has the practical qualities of comfort that flat shoes allow, that perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics," remarked Street.

Collection Four demonstrates Bronwyn's commitment to a simplicity refined aesthetic. Sleek square toes, figure-hugging silhouettes and elongated leg shafts are peppered throughout the collection, alongside western nods and elevated outsoles. Unique heel designs and subtle details like triple-row stitching and double rands lift each piece, providing comfort for even the highest heels.

The collection is coloured with latte, rosewater and chocolate hues, creating a gentle and warm palette inspired by Cy Twombly's Ferragosto series. Another hallmark of Collection Four is stretched leather, which Street has developed to establish a sleek and snug fit on a multitude of leg shapes.

"What I have learnt from creating pieces for this brand is that I'm able to push the boundaries of footwear design and I'm more adaptable than I ever have been as a designer. I think the reason for that is twofold. It is in large part thanks to the close relationship I have with my customers and my stockists, they are so important to me and I'm so very grateful for them, and equally I'm inspired by these incredible women that I have the honour of creating shoes for."

The other reason for Street is her mother, Bronwyn, who provides a constant grounding focus for the brand.

"When you lose someone who means everything to you it is life-altering. Having a gentle, daily reminder of the love I have for her and she had for me, is a constant driving force for me to keep growing and evolving this brand and I absolutely love that."

Beginning in August 2021, Bronwyn creates footwear that is inspired by Street's mother, Bronwyn, and other like-minded women. Street's design ethos centres around thoughtful silhouettes and considered details, prioritising unwavering quality, contemporary comfort and durability.

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